For Sale: Bushmaster XM15-ES2 with 20" Stainless Barrel and Scope Mount. Includes: Original Hard Shell Case Orignal Paper work Original 20 round magazine Original carry strap Otis Cleaning kit 3 - 30 round mags 340 rounds of Wolf 55 grain Copper FMJ Steel Case Ammo Features: 20" Stainless Barrel Machined metal reciever - not plastic V Match ""Flat Top" style upper receiver and A3 Type removable...
Looking to sell or trade an ATI Omni Hybrid AR 15 Lower. Put 100 rds through it to test it, no problems, back in the safe it went. Just looking to free up some cash/ get something Ill use. *Pic for attention only*
AR 15 upper for sale, no BCG/CH. $250. Unknown upper, but I think the barrel is BCM, the muzzle device is DD. Also unsure of the rail, but it s a key mod with a nice smooth finish. Not cheap Chinese eBay stuff. Pick up in Hillsdale, will ship at your cost. 556 1-8 twist
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